Honda Maintenance Minder and Service Codes


Each new Honda vehicle at Luther Hopkins Honda is equipped with the Honda Maintenance Minder, a system designed to make vehicle ownership easier for Edina drivers. If you’re wondering how the Honda Maintenance Minder works or you’re not sure what to do when one of the service codes pops up on your dashboard, allow us to fill in the gaps in the guide below.

What is the Honda Maintenance Minder?

Regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your Honda vehicle. However, most drivers can attest to the fact that remembering when it’s time for routine maintenance is sometimes easier said than done. That’s why Honda introduced the Maintenance Minder system. It’s built right into your new Honda and will alert you with a service code on your dashboard to let you know when it’s time for oil service, tire service, or other important maintenance—we’ll dive deeper into the various service codes and what they mean in the coming sections.

How Does the Honda Maintenance Minder Work?

Most Minnetonka drivers are familiar with the maintenance schedule that is laid out in their owner’s manual. However, the service intervals on this maintenance schedule are merely estimates that pertain to the average driver’s habits. If you drive more or less often than the average car owner, you may need to follow a different maintenance schedule—that’s why Honda developed the Maintenance Minder system. It uses sensors throughout the vehicle to gather information and more accurately determine when routine maintenance items like oil service and tire service are actually needed, instead of recommending them a couple thousand miles before or after they should be done.

Many new Honda vehicles also include an oil life indicator that clues in Plymouth drivers on how soon they should expect to need an oil change. Here’s how the percentages work:

Oil Life Indicator Percentages Explained

  • Oil Life at 15 Percent: Oil service is due soon, time to schedule your service visit
  • Oil Life at 5 Percent: Oil service is due
  • Oil Life at 0 Percent: Oil service is overdue

Main Honda Service Codes

Code What it Means
A Change oil and filter
B Change oil and filter, perform front/rear brake inspection, adjust parking brake, and inspect other vehicle systems

Honda Service Sub-Codes

Sub-Code What it Means
1 Tire rotation needed.
2 Check and, if needed, replace air cleaner element, drive belt, dust filter, and pollen filter.
3 If equipped, replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid.
4 Check and, if needed, replace spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), water pump, and valves.
5 Engine coolant is low and/or needs replacement.
6 If equipped, rear differential fluid is low and/or needs replacement.
7 Replace brake fluid.

Honda Maintenance Minder Service Codes Explained

When you see service codes like “Honda A2 Service” or “Honda B1 Service” on your vehicle’s information display, what does it mean? First, it’s important to understand that there are service codes (A and B) and service sub-codes (1–7). The service code indicates an actionable need for an oil and filter change (A) or an oil and filter change with brake service and other inspections (B). The accompanying numbered sub-code indicates that along with either A or B service, a certain system or component should be inspected.

You can also find the service codes and service sub-codes explained in your owner’s manual.

Schedule Honda Service in Hopkins

When your vehicle needs routine maintenance, you can count on Luther Hopkins Honda to provide trusted Honda service. Our technicians are factory-trained and know your vehicle and all of its systems inside and out. You can schedule a service visit online to get started, and be sure to review our ongoing service specials to help keep maintenance costs low. With any further questions about Honda service, your oil life monitor, or your Maintenance Minder system and codes, please contact us or call us at 612-326-3492 and our advisors will be happy to help!


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