There's plenty of buzz out there in the automotive world about whether OEM, original equipment manufacturer, or aftermarket, otherwise independently manufactured, car parts are the way to go when undertaking auto service, maintenance, or repair. Let our enthusiasts here at Luther Hopkins Honda weigh in to set the record straight.

At first glance, aftermarket car components might appear less expensive and more available, and can even make a good bet in a pinch. However, it's important to take into consideration several facts that set genuine and OEM components apart from the rest. These are parts made by either Honda or one of its certified partners. That's a plain and simple attestation to the quality of such a part. Plus, Honda or Honda-approved parts can carry the peace of mind of a warranty to back up that commitment to quality. With aftermarket parts, that's up in the air. What's more, if the part that you need is still under, say, your original Honda car, truck, or SUV warranty, it may not even require an investment. It's just a matter of getting in touch with or visiting our Hopkins, MN Honda parts center. We'll be delighted to get more information for you.

Perhaps most pressingly, aftermarket parts can have incompatibilities or quality-consistency issues unforeseen by either our automaker, who naturally has no insight into other parts makers, or the off-brand mechanic that might use them. As an aside, this is also why it's a good idea to service with a Honda-certified car repair technician, like ours here at Luther Hopkins Honda. Not only can we can get our hands on genuine Honda parts or other comparable high-quality components in a jiffy -- just fill out our convenient Parts Request Form, and we'll get back to you post haste – but we also know the ins and outs of every vehicle in the new and used Honda lineup.

So when it's time to service your Honda or another moniker here in Hopkins, MN, you'll find us just around the corner here at 250 5th Ave. S. Before you pen yourself in for a visit using our online appointment form, feel free to take a look at our parts special offers page, where we periodically make available the equipment you seek at a bottom line that won't break the bank. We're looking forward to making your parts shopping experience one on which you can continue to rely, now and down the many roads of your vehicle!

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